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The principal aim of our Services is to provide useful soccer betting data to our Clients, which they can use in any way they so choose. We also provide information, posted on the Website and emailed to Clients, as to what our computer Program predicts will be the result of up-coming matches, but no guarantee is given that such predictions will be realised. This prediction information is intended to serve as a guide to our Clients for checking against their own assessment of the likelihood of the match outcomes.

Our data has been compiled, to the best of our ability, on a purely statistical basis; subjectivity has been eliminated as much as possible. Our Program's predictions are premised on what, in theory, the teams should ordinarily be capable of achieving. Inevitably there is a margin of error within each of our Program's predictions, even if the teams were to play largely as expected. However, due to the very varied randomness with which some teams perform, even that margin of error itself can fluctuate dramatically from match to match. Added to that, the human content of sports matches is such that there are many personal issues that could affect the outcome of a match. Not least is the question of the actual composition of the team on the day, as key players could be unavailable for reasons ranging from personal injury/health matters through to compelling family issues. And, of course, there are two teams to consider in the equation, not just the one!

We undertake to use our best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the base data we provide (Fixtures, Match Results, League Tables and the like), but we give no guarantees that such data is correct. If errors are notified to us we shall correct them as soon as we can.

There are no sure-fire winners when it comes to betting on the results of football matches (or, for that matter, on any team sport). It has been observed many times, throughout each and every season, that teams that were considered invincible have fallen to teams thought to be far weaker. Added to this is the fact that the general level of the Odds offered by Bookies (Fixed Odds and Correct Scores Odds) are slanted very much in the Bookies' favour, which means that very few bettors are able to make a living from football betting.

In short, as we make clear to our Clients here and elsewhere on this Website, our Clients alone are entirely responsible for deciding for themselves how much reliance, if any, they wish to place on the predictions data they view on our Website or as may be emailed to them from time to time. We do not give any guarantees or warranties in respect of our Services, and we shall not be held responsible for any losses that any Client may suffer or may claim to have suffered as a result of using the data displayed on this Website or emailed to them. Accordingly, any Client accessing the data on this Website or accepting emailed data and/or advice from us shall be deemed to have done so knowing full well the substance of this disclaimer and having accepted (i) this limitation of liability on our part and (ii) that they themselves are entirely and solely responsible for their final betting decisions and for any losses that they may thereby suffer.