Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

FAQs - Membership
We offer the following membership.
1 day credits at USD 88
3 day credits at USD 188 (Most Popular)
7 day credits at USD 388 (Best Value)
Yes of course! We will replace 2 additional BlackMarket Tips for FREE, email to you if any tips bought ended in no profits gained for our members (either draw or lose). 1 BlackMarket Tips for you to recover and 1 additional BlackMarket Tips for you to double-up your winning profits.
All our tips comes with RISK-FREE 2 free tips replacement guarantee in event there is no overall win. As such, we apologise that we cannot offer any free trial tips.
We apologise that at this moment, we only accept payments by credit cards (using Paypal Payment Gateway) and PayPal only. To ensure that the tips are delivered on time during match days, we only accept instant online payments.
All our tips are based only on the popular Asian Handicap Odds. All odds are obtained directly from sbobet, one of the Asia's most established and largest Asian Handicap Odds bookmaker.
Please login to your account with your registered username and password. Your account is activated INSTANTLY and you can access BlackMarket Tips IMMEDIATELY.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other enquiries.